About us

Founded in 1998, Grup Energoinstal SA is a company known today as an outstanding representative of the building services market of North-Western Romania, as a company which centered its development on the customer’s satisfaction criterion as the main measure of its performance.

Investing in people and technologies, concerned about research and the quality of the services it offers, Grup Energoinstal is today a performant company and an example of competence which offers and implements the best solutions in the field of installations for buildings

Grup Energoinstal SA of Cluj-Napoca specialized and acquired an obvious notoriety in the performance of complex installations for Class A office buildings, industrial and commercial halls and residential buildings.

Since its establishment until present time, our company aimed at the completion of its field of activity, the improvement of its technical endowment with specific equipment, tools and devices and it was thus that it became today an integrated structure of design, execution and service in the fi8eld of installations systems.

The policy of employees’ permanent training, in the country and abroad with the materials and equipment suppliers was always the core of our focus with notable results in the improvement of the quality of the works.

In order to generate an adequate quality of the subassemblies incorporated in the installations made by Grup Energoinstal, the company set up and arranged a production line of preassembled products with obvious effects on the quality of the executed installations systems and on the labor productivity.

The company performance is guaranteed by the certification of the integrated quality – environment – occupational health and safety management system, by the attestations and licenses conferred by the entities which regulate the field of installations.

The Grup Energoinstal team is a strong one as it is composed of designers, specialized engineers and work teams of professionals dedicated to performance and quality.