Business Champions of Transylvania and Banat

Ziarul Financiar (Financial Newspaper), the most important Romanian business
publication, together with the investment fund Enterprise Investors, the Romanian
Commercial Bank, PriceWaterhouseCoopers consulting and audit company and the
Triple Helix Foundation, rewarded the most dynamic companies of the Transylvania and
Banat regions.
The awards « Campioni în Business » (Business Champions) are conferred according
to the evolution of the turnover, of the net profit, number of employees and substance
in business.
The survey which was the basis to the nomination of the most performant Romanian
entrepreneurs was done by PriceWaterhouseCoopers within the framework of the
Business Champions project takes into consideration the financial results for 1,300
companies owned by Romanian entrepreneurs who recorded a gross profit in 2013 and
had over 10 employees, companies selected from amongst the 3.000 largest Romanian
companies according to their 2013 turnover. The analysis was based on the information
filed with the Trade register.
The awards were divided into two categories: companies with a turnover in excess of 70
million RON and companies with a turnover below that figurei (15 million Euros)
The second category (turnover below 70 million lei) included :

The company, specialized in the execution of plumbing, heating and air conditioning
installations, recorded a turnover of 35 million RON in 2013, an increase of 58% as
compared to the previous year and a net profit greater by 464% as compared to 2012.