Installation mounting

Installations systems execution  provides for the achievement and observance of the designed technical parameters, for project budget meeting, completion deadlines observance, the coordination of the main resources used and project completion at the international highest standards. The experience acquired so far recommends us as specialists in supplying a full and quality service.

Types of installations approached by Grup Energoinstal SA

  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • plumbing
  • fire fighting
  • compressed air
  • steam
  • power
  • technological installations
  • water connection piping and supply networks
  • sewage and rain waters networks and sewerage

Works are done by a team composed of highly qualified specialists and, at the same time, excellent professionals.

We are speaking about a group tied together in time both by the well structured work as a team and by a long experience on extremely diverse and of an ever increasing complexity projects.

The proper activity includes specialized consulting for the identification of the client’s needs, the analysis of the documentation made available and its eventual completion, solutions establishment, execution and mounting works planning, performance and monitoring.